Mixed Media

Stephen Millner                                                                                                  June, 2018


My mixed media works are all stories in the making, each inviting observers to add their own thoughts to the visual enticements.  All of the materials used in the works are recycled from their prior uses.  I can choose from a wide variety of materials in my mixed media. The works include map fragments, envelopes, stamps, postcards, scraps of handwritten letters and other postal items; tags, and lists; product labels, advertising, original and found photographs, official documents and forms, signs, stickers, advertising, wrapping paper, bags, and other found objects or material.  The works are then finished off with acrylic paint, aquarelle, or wax.  These elements work together to create the story each tableau tells. Sometimes appearing simple at first, the works merit further inspection, drawing one into the simplicity of the whole, and the connotations of and tensions between the individual elements.

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