The Myth of Persephone

In the Spring of 2014, my wife Marie was working on a series of poems inspired by the myth of Persephone.  In May 2014, we decided to put a book together – Marie’s poems and my artwork.  I produced the 15 mixed media works shown below, plus a piece for the cover of the book.  We are both very happy with the result.  (only five of the pieces are in the book).  The original art has been misplaced.  It will be for sale when I find  it.

$10 plus $3 for shipping.





Every Spring Has a Solitary Room

Every Spring Has a Solitary Room


Emergence of Persephone

Emergence of Persephone


Persephone Calls to Minthe

Persephone Calls to Minthe


From Persephone's Journal:  Autumn Solstice

From Persephone’s Journal: Autumn Solstice

Persephone's Truth

Persephone’s Truth

persephone 600004

Persephone in Summer

persephone 600005

Persephone in Springtime

Persephone on the Move (for Dave Glass)


persephone 600007

Persephone in Mid-Winter (for Natalie Hope)

persephone 600008

Persephone Rises

persephone 600009

The Source of the Seasons

persephone 600010


persephone 600012

Persephone as a Child

The Body Already Knows

The Body Already Knows

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